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SpekTel communications is a recognized Carrier in the International Telecommunications
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  About SpekTel Communications  

        SpekTel communications is a recognized Carrier in the International Telecommunications market with skilled and qualified personnel and up-to-date technological base.

        We are a leading U.K company.Our partners are large national telecom operators as well as new dynamic VoIP companies in different parts of the world. Spek Tel communications is a team of experienced business and network professionals with wide area of experience in Telecommunications. The structure of our Company enables us to ensure a most efficient distribution of responsibility and authority of different departments coordinating separate trends within the scope of the Company's activities. The introduction of the specially elaborated QoS (Quality of Services) monitoring system allows our Technical Department to receive any information about quality-related problems and to solve them on the spot.We continue to expand our presence in global VoIP market and to develop direct routes to high traffic markets.Our core business is VoIP traffic transit and peering services. Our prices are competitive and attractive due to our numerous interconnections with direct carriers world wide. sing brand new facilities we offer interconnection in H.323 and SIP protocols for VoIP peering.

        We consistently monitor the traffic on our wholesale ring to ensure that connected VoIP carriers, whether through unilateral or bilateral peering agreements, are being offered the highest quality of wholesale carrier services. Our quality of service is measurable through benchmarks like Answer-Seizure Ratio (ASR) and Average Call Duration (ACD).

As a Seller...

        SpekTel communications is the ideal partner for your Carrier Business. We also offer International Voice Termination to small companies. No matter if you are a startup in your country or/and existing provider, you can expect best wholesale rates.

       SpekTel communications directly purchases telecom services from network providers around the globe and offers a wide range of VoIP services. Our clients can benefit from full security on network performance, with the guarantee that no network service interruption occurs.

As a Buyer...

        We are interested in buying direct routes in your country. If you are a Carrier, then please offer us your services. For each of its customers, SpekTel communications is dedicated in providing the highest possible level of customer service. Our mission is to understand every customer's expectations and to exceed them.